KIMPE is supplying for 20 years a comprehensive range of pigments and additives used in the clay brick industry.

Our large experience allowed us to become a leader in this market. Everyday, hundreds of brickworks are using our product in Europe, America, Oceania and Asia.
Our dedicated team composed by experienced ceramic engineers is able to offer you complete technical solutions.

Our manganese based solutions allow developing colors ranging from brown to black.
Chromite is used to obtain grey colors. 
Iron oxides create variations from red to purple
Barium carbonate is widely used to prevent the appearance of efflorescence.

Slurry advantages

Slurry consists in a suspension of chemical products or insoluble minerals mixed with water to create a stable, fluid and easy-to-handle result not requiring any stirring.

By using slurry you will get a more accurate dosage, improving the safety for your employees as well as the cleanliness in your factories.

Health and safety problems linked to the use of dangerous powders are eliminated.

No contaminated waste which would otherwise have to be reprocessed (bags, etc…).

The dosage is much more accurate with a pump, thus reducing overdoses and wastage.

It is easier to measure a liquid than a powder, and this can reduce significantly the amount required.
A fully automated storage and distribution facility can be installed on the customer's factory. This facility almost requires no manpower.