More than 20 years of business activities have enabled KIMPE SAS

to develop a wide range of minerals and raw materials for an ever-growing number of customers through out the world, including all the largest European producers of bricks, roof tiles, glass...

KIMPE and KIMPE America LLC thank all our customers who visited us during the CLEMSON BRICK FORUM 2022 at ANDERSON NC, September 26th-28th, 2022. In[...]

BRICK FORUM 2022 Jacksonville, Florida

KIMPE and KIMPE America were glad to attend to the BRICK FORUM 2022 in Jacksonville (FL). We thank all our[...]

KIMPE AMERICA LLC will be pleased to welcome our US customers during the CLEMSON BRICK FORUM 2021 at ANDERSON NC, October 5th-6th, 2021

BRICK FORUM 2020 Jacksonville, Florida

KIMPE was glad to meet all the visitors that came to our stand at the BRICK FORUM 2020 in Jacksonville (FL)[...]

OCM Moscow 2020

We thank all our customers that visited our booth at the OCM Moscow 2020. In case you did not have the opportunity to meet our team[...]