Founded in 1995, KIMPE SAS is a 100% family owned company and has continued to grow since its creation.

Originally created as a commercial company specialized in the distribution of raw materials in the brick industry, KIMPE SAS has invested in industrial production units to control the entire process.
We are specialized in slurrying and grinding raw materials. Kimpe products based on Manganese, Barium, Chromite, Iron, Titanium have become standards for the industry.
Our worldwide presence allows us to offer a wide range of solutions to the world's largest companies in the field of bricks, glass and oil drilling.

R&D - Lab - Technical support

KIMPE is also able to develop and supply on request other products according to their customers' requirements.

Slurry advantages

Slurry consists of a suspension of chemical products or insoluble minerals mixed with water to create a stable, fluid and easy-to-handle product without stirring process.
By using slurry you can get a more precise mixing, more safeness for employees as well as greater cleanliness.
Health and safety problems linked to the use of hazardous powders are eliminated.
No contaminated waste which would otherwise have to be reprocessed (bags, etc…).
Mixing is much more precise with a pump, thus reducing overdoses and wastage.
It is easier to measure a liquid than a powder, and this can reduce significantly the amount required.
A fully automated storage and distribution facility can be installed on the customer's factory. This facility almost requires no manpower.


The quality of our product is our priority, from the reception of our raw material until the delivery to the customer.
Each product delivered has passed several tests which are recorded for traceability.


KIMPE SAS has successfully registered its products according the new regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), which controls the production and use of chemical substances in European Union.
All requested information are mentioned in our MSDS, and can be provided on demand.